Saturday, 24 September 2011

Spring Sun and Showers

So whilst the leaves in the Northern hemisphere may be turning all those lovely orangey brown hues and pumpkin starts to dominate in the kitchen, things here in Aus. have definitely started getting summery! The garden is currently awash with blossom from the various trees and shrubs and the grapevine is literally covered with new growth.
Fingers crossed the cherry tree will do likewise... We planted one in the backyard during the week and so far it has tiny little leaves growing on it! So exciting!

And if that isn't enough check out the amazing wildflowers I saw last week whilst walking up Anstey Hill

While it is nice and toasty during the day (I even got a little sunburnt playing golf... but that is a whole other story) it is still cold enough at night to need a nice cosy cardigan. And with all the sales on at the moment I can totally see myself in something along these lines...

Both via Dotti

I am totally excited for the warmer weather and cannot wait to start eating fresh cherries on lazy Sunday afternoons in the hammock. Cherries and hammocks, definitely my favourite things to enjoy in the warmer weather. What are yours?

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