Saturday, 26 November 2011

Summer Ideas - Top 5

As Summer draws ever closer (though today, with the amount of rain in Adelaide I would hardly believe it were true) I thought I would put together a little post about the things I love in Summer.

1. Pretty bathers via Gorman. The colours and patterns for this summer are just perfect!
2. Thongs (or flip flops, whichever) Haviannas are my preference.
3. Somewhere comfy to park myself in the sun. These from Bunnings are oh so comfy and only around $20
4. A digital radio to chill out with. SBS Chill or Fresh FM are pretty good stations for a lazy afternoon in the sun.
5. Something tasty and refreshing to drink. Rekorderling Strawberry and Lime Cider is the perfect addition to a Summer afternoon. It's sweet without being sickly, bubbly and refreshing. Great served over ice, with a couple of mint leaves. MMMM.....

Happy weekend!!!! 

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Friday night fun / Brazil Film Festival Opening

Last night after work Mr Haphazard and I trecked down to the East End to attend the opening night of the Brazil Film Festival. Can I just say, a great night out!

Amazing canapes, of a brazillian nature, were served. Pasteles featured, which are kind of like pasties, but filled with shredded chicken or beef and very cheesy and deep fried. I am definitely going to attempt to find a decent recipe and whip some up at home.
Also, I discovered a new drink. Caipirinha. And how lovely it is!


How to do it:

Basically, you take one part cachaça , some sugar and a heap of limes (cut up into small chunks) and mix it up in a short tumbler with some crushed ice.
Perfect for these warm nights we have been having lately.

But, enough of the food and drink....

The film which was shown for opening night was Absolutely HILARIOUS! I was pretty much in hysterics the entire time. I definitely recommend checking it out. You will laugh and maybe even drop a tear at the end. It is a very sweet, farsical film with a heart of gold.

If you are free over this weekend, and in Adelaide, I highly reccomend catching a Brazillian film or two. All details via

Tonight, we are heading to the Valley to see old friends and spend a little time with my family.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Friday catch up / Shoe lust

Ok sooooo much has been going on since last Friday and I can't believe I have been this lazy at trying to get a post out, but to recap:

1. Mr Haphazard successfully ran a charity show on Saturday night. Very fun. Many drinks were had and many a good boogie on the dance floor.

2. We finally had our engagement party and my oh my it was a fun day.
My 91 year old Grandmother was in attendance as well as a bunch of people who had flown in especially for the day! (thanks everyone) A good time was had by all, drinks were consumed and a pretty dress was worn...
But more on that later...

Shoe lust.
Can we just talk about these...

Available via ASOS. Ridiculously sparkly? Check. Nice and high? Check. Totally impractical for the office and the 2km jog i have to do between jobs on a friday morning? You better believe it! But I can't help myself. (oh and they are on sale! EEk!)

Yep. So more details to follow re: engagement and pretty dresses, but for now... Pretty, pretty shoes!

Also.... TGIF!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Friday night fun!!

This little puppy is sure to get your Friday night started. Take one part good quality vodka, one part peach schnapps, cloudy apple juice and shake in a cocktail shaker with generous ice then pour into a chilled martini glass and drop in a cherry. Ohhhh yeaaaaahhh. Friday night has a flavour and this is it!

Friday Fuzzy/ Almond Tree Designs

Something to make you feel warm and fuzzy on Friday.