Friday, 11 November 2011

Friday catch up / Shoe lust

Ok sooooo much has been going on since last Friday and I can't believe I have been this lazy at trying to get a post out, but to recap:

1. Mr Haphazard successfully ran a charity show on Saturday night. Very fun. Many drinks were had and many a good boogie on the dance floor.

2. We finally had our engagement party and my oh my it was a fun day.
My 91 year old Grandmother was in attendance as well as a bunch of people who had flown in especially for the day! (thanks everyone) A good time was had by all, drinks were consumed and a pretty dress was worn...
But more on that later...

Shoe lust.
Can we just talk about these...

Available via ASOS. Ridiculously sparkly? Check. Nice and high? Check. Totally impractical for the office and the 2km jog i have to do between jobs on a friday morning? You better believe it! But I can't help myself. (oh and they are on sale! EEk!)

Yep. So more details to follow re: engagement and pretty dresses, but for now... Pretty, pretty shoes!

Also.... TGIF!

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