Friday, 28 October 2011

Golf Day / Relaxation

One of those rare days where Mr Haphazard and I both have the day off together and were able to share it playing golf in the sunshine.

This shot, sorry for the iphone dodgyness, was taken on the 11th hole at Cudlee Creek Golf Course. (even the name is adorable) A beautiful par 3 in the Adelaide Hills. Though it claims to be par 3, I find it sits somewhere inbetween real golf and par 3 which, with my lack of golfing prowess, makes it quite perfect!

Outfit for the day went a little something like this...

Simple shirt and shorts from Cotton On. Definitely a favourite for those wardrobe staples.
And of course...
Old faithful and beautifully comfortable all day long. Available here.

Oh, and plenty of this...
Invisible Zinc. Perfect for all skin, particularly in the harsh Australian sun! I crisp up at even a HINT of UV light. Mr. Haphazard is a little more blessed. He tans well, whereas I go from pastey white, to burnt BRIGHT red and back to pastey white without even so much as a hint of a tan. But hey, everyone is different, but everyone needs sunscreen!

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