Monday, 31 October 2011

Top 5 weekend / Bowerbird Bazaar

This past Sunday I took myself (Mr Haphazard was working) into town for a little thing called the Bowerbird Bazaar. And it was AMAZING!  You know, lately I have been saying that something is AMAZING quite a lot, but this, I assure you, is well deserved of caps. Held twice a year in the Queens Theatre, Adelaide, this market features artists and designers from around the country and local food and wine sellers.

 So first off, the line for entry was crazy long, but luckily it moved quickly.

 These beautiful flower arrangements, provided by Fleurs de Nadia, were the centrepieces for the tables in the cafe area. 
 She has a real flair for arranging native flowers and she had a ton of them for sale too. Like these kangaroo paws. Definitely a favourite of mine!
How cool are these? These were the chairs and tables dotted around the venue, made of cardboard and absolutely gorgeous.
Ok, I think I may have mentioned before my obsession with cool lighting, yes? But how awesome are these chandeliers? Sustainable and flat packed, ready for assembly Who did that offer a range of chandeliers, among other products, of exquisite design and quality.

All in all it was a great day spent wandering the aisles discovering cool and interesting new products.

My Top 5 from October Bowerbird Bazaar:

1. Delilah Devine for these fun and quirky upcycled vintage wallpaper horse wall decals

2. Almond Tree Designs,  for this cool piece, (a highlight of my purchases for Mr. Haphazard)
3. Who did that , because, well, see above ranting about awesome lights.
4. Marble Merchants, because Marbles are always awesome, particularly these handmade little balls of amazing. Seriously, check them out.
5. Monolog, for their super lovely printed fabrics.

An absolutely great experience in little old Adelaide town. Now, to save up for next time.
If you want more info on Bowerbird Bazaar check it here.

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