Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Wednesday handy/ Planning the wedding

Ok so, a few posts missed due to excitement but never fear, I will catch up with posting!!!

Yep, I am now engaged! Wooo! Actually, the planning is pretty much done. Mr. Haphazard popped the question in the Barossa Valley 2 weeks ago and already we have locked in Band, Venue, Celebrant and *fingers crossed* catering will be next.

Details for all to follow!

Onto other, more exciting things. I love Mason jars. Always have. Always will. There is something about the simplicity and beatuy of the jars that I find alluring.
Whether they are used for drinks... Ala Kris of

Find her AMAZING recipe for Apple Pie Smoothies here.

Or, used to store those little things we all have lying around the house...As shown here at Homemade by Monica
Like I said, I love Mason jars! Verstaile and beautiful.
And!!! Most importantly I have found a seller in Australia! Redback Trading Company, found here, have mason jars!!!
So, here is my problem now... how best to utilise these at the wedding?!
Please comment if you have any ideas!!!

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